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Data Center Expansion


Provide mechanical systems design and construction phase services for renovation of 6,000 sq. ft. existing and 17,000 sq. ft. expansion of the SunTrust Durham Data Center.


Mechanical Contractor
Comfort Engineers

Prime Consultant
Jeffers Engineering

Construction Cost
$10,729,000 (total)
$2,940,000 (mechanical)

Special Circumstances

  • Eighteen air-cooled computer room air conditioning (CRAC) units were utilized to serve the new data center, each MDF room, and the new UPS Room. Each CRAC serving the data center and UPS room is 30 nominal tons, and each CRAC serving a MDF room is 5 nominal tons. N+1 redundancy was provided for each space.

  • A refrigerant piping distribution system was provided between twenty-two air cooled In-Row air conditioning units mounted directly in the high density equipment racks and their associated condensing units located on the roof. Hot aisle containment was utilized in the high density areas to isolate this heat load from the general data center space.

  • A new under-floor leak detection system was provided around the perimeter of the new and existing data center.

  • A new 10,000-gallon double walled aboveground fuel tank was added to supplement the existing aboveground fuel tank. In addition, two new 600-gallon daytank systems were provided. The daytank fuel piping distribution system was designed to provide system redundancy; any of the four new generators can operate from either daytank. A new electronic system monitors the fuel system for inventory and leaks.

  • A FE-25 clean agent fire suppression system was installed throughout the new data center and MDF rooms.  In addition, a double interlock pre-action dry pipe sprinkler system with dedicated zone valve was installed for both the new data center and the new UPS/generator rooms.

  • The design and construction were phased so that the existing data center could remain in operation while the 17,000 sq. ft. expansion was built.


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