Abercorn Common Retail Shopping Complex

Developer desired a retail shopping complex with a high degree of sustainable design elements and has been awarded the LEED Core and Shell Silver rating. The multi-phase project consists of renovation of existing structures and new construction to form a contiguous multi-tenant outdoor mall touted for its “green design.”

  • Detailed energy analysis was conducted to insure a minimum 20% reduction in the building’s annual energy costs for the tenant spaces and common areas.
  • High efficiency rooftop units helped achieve the energy use reduction goal.
  • High efficiency filtering (MERV 13) at the rooftop units provide purified air to the retail spaces.
  • Factory mounted hot gas reheat coils in the rooftop units maintain acceptable indoor humidity levels.
  • High efficiency one gallon per flush toilets and lavatories reduce potable water consumption by over 30%.
  • System commissioning insures design intent is met.
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