Adamsville Regional Healthcare Center Community Health Clinic

Provide mechanical systems design and construction phase services for a new, 30,000 sq. ft., two-story community health clinic. Multiple health service occupancies include medical, dental, mental health, family services, childcare suite, and training classrooms. Mechanical systems include rooftop air units with variable volume supply air systems, energy recovery air system, and new plumbing systems providing special services for multi-function clinics and diagnostic lab spaces. The project has achieved a LEED certified rating.

  • Provide two roof-mounted, variable volume, direct expansion-type HVAC units totaling 65 tons of cooling capacity.
  • Provide roof-mounted energy recovery unit with enthalpy-type, cross-flow, fixed plate-type heat exchanger.
  • Utilize Direct Digital Control system incorporating owner’s specific hardware and software requirements.
  • Close coordination of ductwork and diffuser configurations in open lobby areas to comply with interior design criteria.
  • Compressed air and water piping systems serving both clinic and laboratory spaces and fixtures.
  • Low flow plumbing fixtures reduce potable water consumption and water heating costs.
  • Total potable water consumption reduced by 30% compared to typical plumbing design.
  • Energy efficient water heaters (90+% AFUE) reduce natural gas consumption.
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