Birmingham Bank Data Center Expansion

Mechanical expansion and upgrade for a 100% redundant, 5250 ton, 2N chilled water plant serving a 300,000 sq ft Data Center and office area.

  • Mechanical design incorporates all requirements to maintain 24/7 operation including a 600,000-gallon aboveground chilled water storage tank, chemical/biological/radiological outside air filtration system, and eight 2.5 megawatt generator fuel supply system.
  • The facility and all components are designed to withstand hurricane force winds.
  • Four 575 Volt, 875-ton chillers were added to the four existing 875-ton chillers in the plant to provide additional capacity. 575 volt chillers were used. The chiller plant is provided with a total of 7,000 tons of chiller capacity.
  • Chillers, pumps and cooling towers are installed using a header configuration to allow optimum flexibility and reliability. The equipment is divided between two separate plants.
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