Centers for Disease Control Parasitic Diseases Laboratory

Design the mechanical systems (HVAC, fire protection, and fuel storage) for a new 27,384 sq. ft. laboratory and support space.

  • Phasing of the project into two separate construction periods to accommodate existing personnel.
  • Two custom 20,000 CFM, variable volume air handling units.
  • An above ceiling service corridor required all equipment requiring service (i.e., air valves, HVAC and plumbing control valves, etc.) to be within reach of the corridor.
  • Steam-to-hot water heat exchanger utilizing campus steam.
  • 120-gallon steam water heater utilizing campus steam.
  • Acid resistant waste and vent system.
  • A 12,000-gallon underground storage tank provides fuel to a 250kW stand-by generator.
  • Integration of the building automation system with HVAC equipment, owner equipment, and the building lighting.
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