Communication Companies Multi-State Fuel System Programs

JSA was the lead engineer for multi-year fuel system replacement/upgrade programs for two large telecommunication companies. The goals for both programs were the same: to comply with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) mandate to upgrade or replace underground fuel storage systems. The budgets for each program exceeded $90 million. The programs included facilities in 14 states, primarily in the central and southeastern United States.

  • Majority of the fuel systems replaced/upgraded served critical-start standby generators.
  • Systems ranged from 500-gallon capacity tanks serving a single generator, to complex, multi-tank 60,000-gallon systems serving multiple groups of generators.
  • Facility types ranged from remote un-staffed buildings to large, multi-story data centers.
  • Over 1,000 fuel systems were removed, upgraded, or replaced under each program.
  • Researched archives, conducted preliminary site surveys, evaluated each site with respect to need, and developed scope of work for hundreds of sites in each state (14 states and the US Virgin Islands).
  • Evaluated Federal (EPA), state, and local regulations, codes (NFPA, IMC, IBC, etc.) with respect to fuel storage and transfer systems for each location.
  • Developed fuel storage system design standards for our clients.
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