Dunwoody High School

Mechanical design and construction phase services for an HVAC renovation of a 170,000 sq ft high school plus a new 35,000 sq. ft. auditorium and classroom addition.

  • All existing HVAC systems and plumbing fixtures were at the end of their useful lives and were replaced in their entirety.  Mechanical work was phased such that all renovation work was performed in the summer to avoid any downtime during the school’s calendar year.  New work was completed after school was back in session.
  • The classroom portion of the building is conditioned using variable air volume air handling units with terminal units that offer zone level temperature control to each classroom.  Electronic air cleaners were provided in the filter section of each air handling unit to reduce outside air requirements for the building.
  • High efficiency packaged rooftop units were utilized to condition the gymnasium, auditorium addition, and the cafeteria.  These units can be operated after normal hours without the need to operate the chiller and boiler plants serving the air handling units.
  • New HVAC systems were located in existing mechanical rooms or the roof to minimize impact on program space.
  • Low flow plumbing fixtures were utilized to reduce water consumption.
  • An automatic sprinkler system was added to serve the entire building.
  • A new digital building automation system controls the HVAC systems and provides continual diagnostic feedback to the County facilities office.
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