Emory Clinic Vivarium Laboratory

Mechanical systems design and construction phase services for the renovation of the 14,000 sq. ft. Vivarium Laboratory.

  • Two-phased renovation project coordinated to accommodate staggered schedule in move-out from occupied area; included design for interchange of occupied areas served by respective air units.
  • Two air-handling units of 100% outside air including one air unit with a sensible-only, air-to-air heat pipe heat exchanger with a vented, double-wall air gap between air streams as a customized feature.
  • Bio-level 2 containment room.
  • Stainless steel, clean steam generator and associated feedwater tank and pump unit.
  • All stainless steel piping for clean steam and clean steam condensate piping systems.
  • Dedicated exhaust system for animal (mice) holding racks and nine associated bio-safety cabinets.
  • A chemical fume hood with remote mounted exhaust fan.
  • Extension of existing high-pressure steam piping system to serve new equipment.
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