Emory Oxford College Humanities Hall

Total renovation of an 8,000 sq. ft., two-story, stucco-clad masonry building, originally constructed in 1874, including the full replacement of all mechanical systems.

Photos courtesy of Structor Group.

  • Many of the renovations in the last few decades were done piecemeal to parts of the building without a holistic rehabilitation of systems. Because of this, and because of the age of Humanities Hall, the entire building was due for major rehabilitation and upgrade with all-new systems.
    • Fifteen Faculty Offices, including a small “touch-down” office for visiting faculty.
    • One extra-large tiered classroom with approximately 50 seats; to be used as a General Classroom and to also serve as a Cinema/Film Studies Classroom.
    • One medium-sized classroom with 25-30 seats and an adjacent storage room to be utilized by Film Studies for film production equipment.
    • One 15-20 seat seminar classroom, to also serve as a Conference Room for Faculty use.
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