Georgia College and State University Wellness and Recreation Center

Mechanical design and construction phase services for a new 104,000 sq. ft. recreation and wellness facility, which includes a natatorium with two pools, three gymnasiums, open workout and cardio areas, a multipurpose studio, a climbing wall, a health center, a classroom, a counseling center, and administrative spaces.  The project facility has achieved a Silver rating under the LEED for New Construction green building program.

  • The mechanical design and equipment specification assisted in optimizing the building’s energy performance 28% over a code minimum building.
  • The building automation system modulates the quantity of outside air delivered to each space to minimize outside air load while still maintaining acceptable indoor air quality.
  • Dedicated pool dehumidification units maintain the strict temperature and humidity requirements of the natatorium space.  At most operating conditions, the units are able to use divert their internal heat of compression to heat the supply air without requiring energy from base building systems.
  • An energy recovery unit with enthalpy wheels pre-treats outside air to lower building utility costs.
  • Airside economizer was included for all the air handling units to allow free cooling of the facility during appropriate ambient conditions.
  • The auxiliary condenser tube furnished on the water cooled chiller preheats the domestic water prior to the water heaters for energy savings.
  • HVAC condensate is routed to an underground storage cistern and used for landscape irrigation.
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