Georgia Institute of Technology West Campus Dining Commons

Mechanical design and construction phase services for a new 50,000 sq. ft. three-story dining and classroom building.

The building includes large open dining areas on each floor, seven food venues (two of which are branded), bakery, back of house kitchen, four music classrooms, study rooms, staff offices, and two large conference rooms.

The building has achieved an AIA Georgia Honor Award and an AIA San Antonio Merit Award.

  • Detailed energy modeling of multiple HVAC system types, building automation system control strategies, and enhanced envelope options was performed in early design phases to allow the Owner to select which technologies to pursue when comparing energy savings to first costs.
  • The building is connected the campus’ underground high efficiency chilled water loop.
  • % efficiency is achieved from the new condensing boilers by designing and operating the heating hot water system with a 90°F return water temperature year round.
  • Low flow kitchen hoods with high efficiency grease filtration were utilized throughout the building to significantly reduce exhaust airflow rates and energy use as compare to traditional hoods.
  • A demand control ventilation system was provided on the back of house kitchen hood to further reduce energy usage during idle and non-peak cooking times.
  • Due to absence of ceilings in the majority of the building, routing of mechanical systems was carefully coordinated with the architecture in ensure it blended with the interior appearance.
  • Roof rainwater was collected and routed to an aboveground tank for site irrigation.
  • The HVAC design of the music classrooms included provisions (duct silencers, lined return ductwork, and acoustical boots) to achieve desired sound levels within these acoustically sensitive spaces.
  • Airside economizer was included on the air handling units to allow free cooling of the facility during appropriate ambient conditions.
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