Kennesaw State University New Engineering Tech Center

Mechanical design and construction phase services for a new 123,000 square-foot facility, which includes 36 labs, 12 classrooms, 2 seminar rooms and a 200-seat lecture room. Project facility has achieved a Silver rating under the LEED green building program.

  • Building energy performance was optimized to yield 14% savings over a code minimum building.
  • High efficiency plumbing fixtures were utilized to achieve 40% savings over 1998 EPACT standards.
  • An energy recovery unit with enthalpy wheel was used to pre-treat outside air in order to lower building heating and cooling utility costs.
  • Room level carbon dioxide sensors were used to minimize the amount of outside air load on the heating and cooling systems.
  • Separate air compressors were utilized to provide both shop air and instrument air to all required lab spaces.
  • Dedicated exhaust fans with room level control were provided in each applicable lab.
  • Building DDC system monitors HVAC and lighting system for excessive energy consumption.
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