Minneapolis Bank Data Center Expansion

Expansion of the existing infrastructure to add capacity and convert the data center from Tier II to near-Tier IV. The system supports 70,000 sq ft of raised floor mission critical data equipment.

  • A fifth 1000-ton chiller was added to the four existing 1000-ton chillers in the plant to provide additional capacity. The chillers are equipped with water side economizers to provide free cooling. Condenser water is stored inside the building to prevent freezing.
  • Four 2.7 MW generators were installed in a new generator plant to supplement the 8 existing generators.
  • The existing data center was fully operational. The design was done to allow construction without jeopardizing the operation of the critical facility.
  • The design resulted in additional redundancy and flexibility and improved the maintainability of the equipment.
  • Additional UPS capacity and complete redesign of the UPS cooling system improved the reliability of the system.
  • Pre-action fire suppression and FM-200 gaseous suppression were installed to protect the various areas.
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