Sweetwater Creek State Park New Visitor Center

Complete mechanical design and commissioning services for a new 8,000 square foot museum and visitor center building located at Sweetwater Creek State Park. Project facility has achieved a Platinum rating under the LEED green building program and will be used as a model for future projects by the State agency.

  • Rainwater harvested from roof and stored in a 10,000-gallon underground cistern for hand washing and showers.
  • Wastewater generation reduced by 63,000 gallons per year through use of waterless composting toilets compared to conventional low-flush plumbing fixtures.
  • Gray water from lavatory and showers used for site irrigation, saving 11,000 gallons of potable water annually.
  • Total potable water consumption reduced by 88% compared to typical plumbing design with an estimated savings of 100,000 gallons per year. All electric building with zero point combustion.
  • Ozone friendly refrigerant used in high efficiency two speed heat pumps with variable speed air handlers.
  • Building energy performance optimized to yield 35% savings over equivalent model building that meets the latest Energy Code.
  • Energy recovery ventilator lowered building heating and cooling utility costs.
  • Room carbon dioxide level sensing utilized to minimize outside air load on the heating and cooling systems.
  • Building automation control (BAS) system monitors HVAC for excessive energy consumption and includes web browser-based interface.
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