Trinity Washington Office Building Renovation

Complete mechanical design and construction phase services for the 170,000 sq. ft. renovation of five lower tenant floors and the three garage sub-basement levels of this downtown high-rise building.

  • New stairwell pressurization systems.
  • Replace and update existing enclosed garage ventilation systems.
  • Extend HVAC systems (from existing equipment in penthouse) down to all five floors including VAV duct system, hot water heating piping, and 24/7 auxiliary cooling water.
  • Replace existing domestic water booster pumps and all existing sanitary waste piping.
  • New restrooms and breakroom plumbing on all newly renovated floors.
  • Replace existing fire pumps and sprinkler the newly renovated floors and an additional dry pipe sprinkler system for garage levels.
  • Design had to account for continued building operation for top three floors during construction.
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