University of Georgia Brumby Hall Renovation

Mechanical and plumbing systems design and construction phase services for the renovation of a 1,000-bed student living facility.

  • Cooling is provided by use of the campus CHW loop and two plate and frame heat exchangers located in the adjacent Russell Hall building with heating through the use of the campus steam loop and two shell and tube heat exchangers.
  • New 30,000 CFM supply air, 24,000 CFM exhaust air dedicated outside air unit with energy recovery with CHW and HW coils and fan wall systems.
  • 557 new FCU’s with CHW and HW coils, PSC motors and factory installed piping packages per Owner’s standards.
  • Five new stairwell pressurization systems and one smoke removal system.
  • Office areas and conference rooms are conditioned by the means of two AHUs with parallel powered induction units and variable volume units with and without hot water reheat coils for temperature zone control.
  • Two new 70 GPM steam to domestic hot water generators deliver domestic hot water to the building with two variable speed domestic hot water circulating pumps.
  • Utilized existing cast iron waste and vent risers and replaced below grade sanitary sewer after review of video from camera through the existing lines.
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