University of Georgia Sanford Stadium West End Improvements

Mechanical design and construction phase services for the University of Georgia Athletic Association’s new West End Improvement project that includes demolition of the existing west end stadium bleachers and replacement with new bleacher system that encompassed a new lower building beneath for the football team’s use on game days and recruiting efforts throughout the year.

The new amenities include:

  • 6,100 sq. ft. locker room to accommodate 110 lockers
  • 10,300 sq. ft. recruiting lounge to entertain and dine 500 people
  • team showers and restrooms
  • coaches’ locker rooms and offices
  • training area with x-ray capability
  • concession stands
  • public toilets with 193 fixtures
  • first aid station

  • The design of 1,800 linear feet of Campus Chilled Water piping and 1,300 linear feet of 100# Campus Steam piping to serve the new buildings and to provide the capability for future extension of those services to buildings noted in the Campus Master Plan.
  • The design of a 100-ton, 4-pipe variable volume AHU with terminal unit with hot water reheat coils to serve 2,000 sq. ft. locker room and 3,000 sq. ft. recruiting club.  Outside Air is pre-treated with the use of a 10,000 cfm ERV that provides exhaust and pressurization control of the building.
  • Campus Steam is utilized at lead/stand-by shell and tube heat exchangers to provide hot water for hydronic heating purposes and lead/stand-by shell and tube heat exchangers for domestic hot water needs throughout all new buildings.
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