University of Georgia Stegeman Coliseum Training Facility

Complete mechanical design for a $30-million, 110,000 sq. ft. Olympic sports training facility that is attached to the existing campus sports arena. This annex houses a world class gymnastics training area, separate Men’s and Women’s basketball practice gyms, locker rooms and office areas in addition to a 14,000 square foot strength training center. The practice gyms are designed for multi-purpose functions, including banquets, exhibitions and event staging.

  • Provide cooling, heating, and outside air requirements for men’s and women’s basketball practice gyms for a wide range of occupancy (from daily basketball team usage to banquet hall).
  • Design of 14,000 sq. ft. weightlifting area with specific cooling, ventilation and humidity needs.
  • Design of new steam system to utilize existing campus steam loop to serve laundry facility with steam clothes dryers and to convert steam to domestic hot water and steam to hot water for space heating purposes.
  • Installation and design of new 30,000-gallon condenser water storage sump and associated cooling towers and vertical turbine pumps.
  • Multiple temperature domestic hot water systems to serve Laundry, Catering, and general building hot water use. Mixing valves utilized to reduce how water temperatures.
  • Dedicated variable speed 60,000 cfm exhaust system to serve enclosed Truck Court and Loading Dock area for carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide removal.
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