JSA approaches building commissioning as an enhanced professional service option for in‐house and third party design projects. Focusing on LEED projects, JSA utilizes its collective design and field expertise to commission building systems. While “commissioning” was once considered limited to the field checkout of mechanical systems after construction, the scope has expanded to include focused reviews during design development. A comprehensive commissioning program is recognized as an invaluable tool for documenting the design intent and systematically verifying that the intent is met. JSA has a team of knowledgeable and motivated staff that is committed to the commissioning process and offers over a decade of experience with LEED projects.

JSA’s commissioning team is comprised of currently practicing design engineers with years of field support, thereby providing a peer design review perspective. Our commissioning experience has shown that it is critical that the CxA work as a team member with the Owner, A/E team, and contractors. The process must add value by addressing potential problems before they exist and facilitating an effective solution when issues arise.


Animal Facilities
Carbon Black Dust Particulate Systems
Chilled Water Plants
Corrosive Waste Systems
Direct Digital Control Systems
Foam/Water Mix Fire Suppression Systems
Greywater Systems
Halon and FM200 Gas Systems
High Reliability/ Redundant Mechanical Systems
High Pressure Steam Systems
Large Tonnage Chilled Water Plants
Propane Standby Fuel Systems
Septic Tank Systems
Underground Chilled and How Water Systems
Bio‐Containment Labs
Carbon Filtration
Cooling Tower Ozone Treatment
Curing Champers
Extrusion Vacuum Systems
Fuel Storage Systems
Ground Source Heat Pump Systems
Hazardous Waste Incineration
High Temperature Hot‐Oil Heating Systems
Humidification Systems
Medical Gas Systems
Pulse‐Powered Electronic Water Treatment
Standpipe and Fire Pump Systems
Water Mist and FM‐200 Gas Systems
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