Cherokee County Aquatic Center

Mechanical systems design and construction phase services for a new $16-million, 46,000 sq. ft. aquatic center complete with an indoor 50-meter 10-lane competition pool, an indoor 25-yard four-lane leisure/warm-up pool, an outdoor recreation pool, wet classroom areas, locker rooms, coaches offices, and seating for 635 spectators.

The aquatic center was awarded the 2013 Outstanding New or Renovated/Expanded Park and Recreation Facility by the Georgia Recreational Park Association.

  • Specialized dedicated air-handling systems serving the 50-meter competition and the 25-meter leisure/warm-up pool areas. Unit provides heating, cooling and dehumidification capability specialized for pool environment applications. Unit is configured so that, when available, heat rejection from condenser portion of system is used to heat water for indoor pools.
  • Exposed fabric-type supply ductwork with adjustable nozzles and perforations were used for air distribution purposes in pool areas to “wash” windows with air and maintain comfort.
  • Design of pool water heating system (boilers, pumps, heat exchangers, etc.), which was isolated from the chlorinated pool water via water-to-water heat exchangers with plates constructed of titanium.
  • Spectator seating, wet classroom areas, and locker rooms are served by specialized rooftop air conditioning units with natural gas heating and enthalpy wheels. Enthalpy wheels allow for transfer of heat and moisture between exhaust and ventilation airstreams, reducing energy consumption.
  • Demand control ventilation is used to control the amount of ventilation air being introduced to the space for the spectator seating areas by monitoring the amount, in parts per million (ppm), of carbon dioxide in the space, greatly reducing utility costs.
  • Energy efficient gas-fired domestic water heaters (95% thermal efficiency).
  • Water-saving fixtures, including low flow (1.75 gpm) shower heads, reducing water consumption and water heating energy costs.
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